IMMERSION            MANDARIN                                                                                                                沉浸式中文课

The purpose of the Mandarin bilingual program is to provide students with an opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese for whom Mandarin is not their primary language. In this bilingual program instruction will be in English and Mandarin Chinese in an online environment.

The aim of the Mandarin Chinese curriculum in this program is to enable students to learn to speak and understand the Chinese language and culture, and become familiar with Pinyin and simplified Chinese characters, this will give students the skills and knowledge they need to function in the environments in which they live. 

普通话双语课程是为母语非普通话的学生提供学习普通话的机会。 在这个双语在线课程中,教学将使用英语和普通话两种语言。本课程目的是让学生学会说普通话,理解中国语言和文化,熟悉拼音和简体字,帮助学生在他们的生活环境中能正确使用普通话。 

Learning resources and materials are carefully selected from the BC Ministry of Education standard integrated resource package for languages, teachers will select resources that meet the provincial criteria and that suit their particular pedagogical needs and audiences.   

The assessment of student performance in Mandarin bilingual program is based on a regular, ongoing basis. Teachers determine the purpose, aspects, or attributes of learning in which to focus on the learning needs.

课程里使用的学习资源和材料是从卑诗省教育部标准的语言综合资源包中精心挑选的,教师将选择符合省级标准并满足学生特殊需求的资源。学生的表现会定期和持续性地被评估。 教师会根据学生特点确定学习的内容。

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